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" I was working to a very tight deadline and needed a large order of sale t-shirts for all our retail stores, Creative-i's service, print quality and delivery was excellent. I will certainly be using Creative-i again and have no hesitation in recommending Creative-i to any business looking to increase their brand awareness."

[Sean – Head of Advertising & In-store Marketing (Fashion Retailer)]



" After organising our summer event I desperately needed to get hold of T-shirts for my staff that would be of good quality and withstand regular wear. I was extremely pleased with the outcome of my shirts, they look amazing and were delivered in great time! I'll be ordering from Creative-i again for my next events! "


[Lisa – Assistant manager (819 Bar)]






" Creative-i provided the ingenie start up with real actionable insights.  Creative-i’s expertise helped us to create our digital marketing and engagement strategy for our customers, as well as the recruitment of our innovative Youth Advisory Panel which ensures that young drivers are involved in how the brand develops in the future. ."

[Matt Stone– Ingenie cmo



" "Thanks for your brilliant support for the campaign to engage first time voters and young people [one-stop promotional solution"





[Perry - Director of Corporate Governance]






  • Creative-i's printing services carries your marketing message straight to your customer. Whatever your business is, marketing your services to clients and customers will always be a priority. Getting a tangible source of information about who you are and what you can provide into your customers hands remains a great way to expand your market. A high quality printing can provide the solution you are looking for.

    Printed booklets are a great choice if you want to provide your customers with information-rich marketing material. With the freedom to combine price-lists or product specifications with high-impact graphics, printed material can make your customers sit up and take notice. Creative-i provide various different printing solutions, so you are able to tailor your marketing to any challenge. Creative-i can also produce small, bespoke quantities of material, if you need to add an extra punch to client meetings or business proposals.

    Lightweight and portable, a printed brochure, booklet or flyer can help spread the word about your company. Highlighting the key benefits and services which you can provide, a printed brochure is a time tested way to make sure that your name, and your contact information is close to hand when one of your customers makes a choice. You may not always have access to the internet, but printed material can be taken anywhere. At Creative-i we ensure our printed products are of quality - from a little A7 leaflet to our full colour brochure printing. Printing comprises a wide range of activities, and we feel that we can best serve our customers by matching their needs to the services we provide; becoming an extension of your service (providing solutions to your challenges). The two most significant methods of printing are Digital and Lithographic.

    Digital printing has come a long way over the past few years. New technology and modernisation of practises has resulted in digitally printed material which meets the same standards of quality as more traditional methods. By using 'Dry ink' digital printing allows us to print and cut products within a very short time-frame. We are also able to produce short runs of printing, which would not be economically viable using traditional methods.

    If you encounter an opportunity which needs immediate action, or if you require a small amount of bespoke material to impress clients at a meeting, digital printing is likely to be the most suitable option for you. Creative-i can often provide your marketing material, printed and cut, within twenty four hours.

    Other marketing strategies value quantity over speed. Lithographic printing is a traditional 'wet ink' method, which has proved the mainstay of printing for hundreds of years. Litho can produce huge quantities and unbeatable quality. If you can work with your marketing team to come up with your design in advance of the date you need your material printed, Creative-i can offer fantastic value for money. Perhaps you are considering a bulk mailshot to raise your profile, or would like to include business cards or flyers with every product you send out. Getting across to a large market means pushing a large amount of printed material into the public's hands. Our Litho printing will help you to do just that, without breaking the bank. Online Printing - the way forward! Digital printing gives you the opportunity to produce high quality marketing material fast. All of our printing services can be tailored to the exact needs of your company. Our online printing services have built up a reputation for high quality full-colour printing, extremely competitive rates and reliable delivery. We see our consistently low prices as a way to keep you coming back again and again, whatever printing services you need. You don't need to try and adjust your needs to weekly special offers, or various discounts, we simply provide affordable quality tailored to your requirements.

    By ensuring that Creative-i remains up to date with the latest printing technology we can also maintain extremely rapid turnaround or all our printing services. We aim to despatch all orders in four to five working days, though this can be extended if you need large quantity print runs. Many of our digital printing services can be printed and despatched within 24 hours, providing you contact us before 10am with the design specifications ready. Creative-i works hard to maximise the efficiency and consistency of our printing, so you can always depend on us delivering on time.

    Printed material remains a popular and effective method of communicating your message. With Creative-i's high quality products, great value prices and commitment to efficiency, you can expand in to new market territory, re-enforce your brand and help build your relationship with customers. Whether you want a leaflets drop, poster campaign or business card, we provide the online printing services you need to make the most of your business. Cost effective printing is still very effective advertising. However great the services your business provides, there is always room for more customers and more awareness. But adverting is expensive and can leave your wallet awfully light.

    Printed material offers a method of advertising your company which is cost effective and constructive. People relate in a very personal way to an object that they can touch, that they can carry around with them. While your website can display exciting and dynamic information, it is not always something that customers can access while in a meeting, or pin to a notice board. You need to ensure that finding your contact details and your product information is as easy as possible for your customers, and our printing services offer you that opportunity. Many decisions are made within a small time frame, so make sure that you are the first name which springs to mind.

    At Creative-i our printing services can help you relate to your customers in a range of ways. Have you considered providing your next pitch with a full colour printed booklet or brochure? Would your next information pack make you look more professional if your logo was printed on the folders? Have you ever looked at a public space and wondered how you could use it to promote your company's name? Creative-i's range of online printing services can help you to make an impact. Printed marketing material has proved its worth time and time again. If you want to expand your company's image, or make a splash with new customers Creative-i's printing services are there for you. Creative-i offer a wide range of Printing services. Not every printing job is a poster or a booklet. Some occasions require a more esoteric printed product, and at Creative-i we are always ready to help meet your challenges. While the majority of the printing jobs we undertake at Creative-i fall into one of our major categories, we also offer a number of other services.

    Available in A4 or A5, printed folders help to add a professional look to any data you may want to provide your clients with a great option if you need to present a budget or business plan, but need to alter the data to suit individual clients. We provide a template for you to plan your work with, so you can be sure it will fit perfectly .Business cards, compliment slips and letterheads are all methods of showing your customers that you are willing to go that extra mile. Give your correspondence a little more gravitas, proving that you are a professional, dedicated company. Also, remember that you want your customers to have your contact details with them at all times.

    Special events may only come once a year, but we all want to show our friends, staff and customers that we care. Personalised event cards convey a sense that you care about the people in your life.

    Canvas printing: Creative-i's canvas prints are a terrific way to display your digital photographs. Whether you want to improve your workspace or just want to create a lasting memory of a special day Creative-i's canvas printing service is there for you. Whichever product you choose, remember that Creative-i will never compromise on quality. We pride ourselves on providing high quality, great value and fast turnaround on printing. Your printing needs are taken seriously; we hope that you will return to us time and time again. For further information on booklet or brochure printing, or any of the high-quality printing which we can provide, contact us on 0116 251 7897 and speak to one of our dedicated team.

    All the Benefits of Leaflet Printing These days, every penny counts. This is true for everyone from charities and non-profit organisations, to major blue chip companies. Yet, communicating your message must still go on otherwise you may get forgotten. When budgets are tight, consider leaflet printing as a vehicle to get your message across.

    Leaflet Printing has been around for many years, its inexpensive, and yet also effective, ways of getting a message out to potential customers and reminding existing ones of your products and services. In many ways, leaflet printing is much the same as it was years ago, but in other ways it much different.

    Using our online printing service, we will ensure your Leaflet Printing is effective and economical means of getting a leaflet out to the public. Not only can you be rest assured printing, if the quantity you are looking for is a short run 1000 or less than an economic way to print your leaflets is using digital printing. As this technique does not need for any inks to dry, then a quantity of 500 leaflets let’s say can be printed and trimmed in about 15 minutes, which means if they don't need folding then they will be sent by overnight courier that same night which gives you a 24 hour turnaround.

    Individuals and associations alike, many of them have felt the need to go for A5 Leaflet Printing at some point of time for varying reasons. Regardless of the type of business you are promoting, printed leaflets is one of the most cost efficient and probably one of the best ways of getting your business to a mass audience.
    What makes Flyer Printing the No.1 choice for small businesses? Flyer printing is used primarily for promotional advertising purposes. Flyer Printing is one of the cheapest forms of advertising. Anyone who launches a new business venture can’t really afford to invest a huge amount of money into marketing and promotion so using printed flyers is a perfect way to get your message across without breaking the bank - before you have even received an order. Whether you're starting big or small, you can easily get your message out through Flyer Printing.

    Flyers are a popular choice not only among the small business community, but among potential buyers as well. Flyers are a useful resource taken home and read later on. Not only used in business situations such as corporate events like exhibitions, but are used as a point of reference for your favourite fast food chains or restaurants, but it is a menu and a directory. 

    Since flyers are so cost-effective to re-produce, you can use flyer printing when you're launching a new service. And you can easily produce flyers for special promotions or seasons.  A5 Flyer Printing is our most common size as it’s a very versatile, flexible and economic route to marketing.
    Brochure Printing is still the first choice of professional businesses. Since it provides the business and its product with a strong representation that seems to create a lasting impression in the minds of customers. And to further ensure that your brochures will have such impact it is very important that it increases your company visibility and promote your brand, products and services. It helps you to convey the right marketing message that would lead to the interest and growth of your business.

    Many factors come into play in quality Brochure Printing. Good design and content attracts and captivates the reader and offers professionalism. How your brochures will be printed ultimately affects the overall look and response of your material. Whatever your goal, you can accomplish it with quality printed brochures that you can easily produce according to your particular needs.

    Creative-i ensure through our digital printing techniques you can order small quantities, as little as 1 or 2 copies specifically tailored to individual customers. Your brochure printing pieces are so cost effective that you can produce different brochures tailor made to the specific target markets or product launches - without the huge expense of producing a large quantity.

    A4 or A5 Brochure Printing conveys everything you need to connect and communicate your message to your prospective clients. If you're looking for an cost effective way of doing this then let your company brochures do it for you. Make sure your brochure printing endeavours create the best impression for you and your company.